How to find good load board to post your trucks

Today there are thousands of trucks running across the country carrying billions of tons of freight on average every year. With every year, the amount of freight transported across the country keeps increasing. It is tough to find out the right motor carrier for each type of freight. This is where the websites such as truck board, load board comes to the help of the people. There are hundreds of such truck boards available now days. Now the big question among the user is how to find the best loadboards among those are offering the service.

Free membership and paid membership

There are two types of membership offered by most of the truck boards. Free membership is where you don’t need to pay anything and they will get some service as free for their type of membership. Usually there will be restriction for number of shipments they can post if they are freight brokers or actual shippers for a particular period.  IF they are truck owners, they will not be allowed to post beyond certain number of trucks. These are all the restrictions you will be having in the free membership. Even in the case of paid membership the limit will vary depending upon the type of membership and the amount you are paying. This kind of setup will not help the people if they have limited budget and will move away from this. There are some load boards such as Free Load Board which provide all the facilities without any paid membership. Actually in their website there is almost 80,000 trucks have been registered and more than 20000 freight brokers and actual shippers have registered. So they have big market place for you to cash in when you have the requirement.

They have lot of integrated facilities they are offering. Truck owners can check the credit record of the freight brokers before accepting the freight from them. In this way they can be of sure that they won’t loss the money. Also they can the fuel advance in some of the freights, not all.  They will have access to the website and records round the clock and without any restriction. They can also opt to get instant alert as soon as freight brokers or actual shippers post information about the freight. This will help them to find the freight almost constantly all the time.

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